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A DVD project by Graw Böckler with Tujiko Noriko (music, performer), Niobe (music, performer), Bettina Latak (radio DJ, performer), Lena Böhm (photographer, performer), Donna Regina (music), Xiu Xiu (music), Nova Huta (music) and many others.

How do you help a person who is in a life-threatening situation? Can one make a bearnaise sauce in the buff? What kinds of visual postproduction effects are there? How can I legalize marijuana and prevent mass animal transport? What do Japanese words mean in English? Can one trust oneself? These and other questions form the creative starting points for "how to" - a DVD project by photo artists and filmmakers Graw Böckler. The 13 music videos and short films, with or without sound, convey useful and emotional knowledge. The performers Tujiko Noriko, Lena Böhm, Niobe, Bettina Latak and Katrin Hallenberger outdo each other with their naturalness in documentary settings. Many of the melancholic tracks are by the Japanese pop singer Tujiko Noriko. The other songs are by Niobe, Donna Regina, Nova Huta and Xiu Xiu.

"how to" is the second DVD by Graw Böckler, following super 8 jahre (2003)

13 Videos, shot on Super8/Mini-DV/DigiCam/16mm, ca. 71 Min., English/German, DVD-R, PAL or NTSC, Codefree.

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The Videos

"first aid" - once learned and then immediately forgotten. how to practice first aid is a video that can be watched again and again. The accompanying track "Passer by" by Donna Regina tells of a chance encounter which the video interprets as an encounter with a person in need of help.

In how to play your record Noriko tests her new record on the audience. She visits strangers and plays them her slowest and longest song "Robot Hero".

how to tie a bowline knot shows how to make this nautical knot - which follows the square knot as the second most important knot in everyday life.

In how to stop Lena Böhm smokes the "cigarette after" and explains why it´s her last one. During the monolog, she cooks an asparagus recipe - naked.

how to translate is the literal translation of Japanese lyrics into English. And the nighttime shots of Tujiko Noriko are also mirrored in another reality.

An empty swimming pool. A group of children. The teacher explains that they should jump into the pool feet first. A girl spreads out her arms and jumps totally relaxed and full of trust with a belly-flop onto the surface of the water. Tujiko Noriko wanted to experience this moment too - captured in how to trust.

Theory and practice: The singer Niobe talks in how to make music about processes and inspiration in the creation of music. In a live performance, that which was incomprehensible beforehand becomes comprehensible.

In how to legalize, two women convince the people around them to legalize marijuana and to become vegetarians. While doing so, the speakers´ dialogs are visualized in the background using subtle animation technology. The film remains silent, which makes the visual ardor that much more appealing.

In how to find a frame, one takes one´s time in the search for the perfect framing.

The polarity of the concepts "belief" and "knowledge" is transcended in an uncanny way in how to believe in jesus. By means of a sequence with the figure of Christ in Rio De Janeiro, visual effects and presets are systematically employed. "how to believe in jesus" won 2nd Prize - Best German Music Video - at the Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2004.

Support our troops is a song by Xiu Xiu about soldiers who become murderers in war and who therefore don´t deserve our support - even if they are just "carnival" soldiers.

how to relax follows female fans at the European Soccer Championships in Portugal who relax by cruising through the city.

The time to say farewell always comes: how to say goodbye makes a movement analysis of greeting and goodbye rituals which flows into the credits. For the Portuguese version of the song "Save your Tears For Somebody Else" by Nova Huta there is also a "Making of" with great photos from the film shoot.

Tujiko Noriko previously released three albums. She is a natural pop artist - often compared to Björk - heading to be an actress and a movie director as well. Her work with Graw Böckler for the DVD "How to" is based on her recent album "From Tokyo to Naiagara" - published at Tomlab. She lives and works in Paris, France.

Graw Böckler (Ursula Böckler & Georg Graw) are visual artists specialised in the short format. They received the MUVI 2001 and 2004 for best and 2nd best german music video. Graw Böckler founded the temporary projection space and DVD label "Raum fuer Projektion" in 2001. They previously released the DVD "Super 8 Jahre" with music videos shot on Super 8. site graw boeckler

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