"Super 8 Jahre" by Graw Böckler

"Super 8 Jahre" is a noisy journey from Cologne to Korea via Ibiza to Helsinki, from the Amazonian to the ladies room at Nizzaclub, Barcelona. This personal, improvised and documentary imagery is accelerated by Graw Boeckler - winner of the Muvi 2001 (best german music video "Why", International Shortfilmfestival Oberhausen). On this DVD-R you find seven music videos shot on Super 8 film and a "Commercial for a concept" - promoting the building of a public pool in the center of the city - plus the "Making Of" with photographs of super 8 years.

Genre: Music Video, Format: DVD-R, Sound: PCM, Image: 4:3 Pal, Region Code: all, Label: Raum für Projektion, Distribution: Kompakt, Specials: "Making Of" with photographs from super 8 Years.

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1) "Why", music: Donna Regina, 4:10 min.

2) "This Time last Year", music: Mantler, 3:50 min.

3) "Because", music: Ulf Lohmann, 3:50 min.

4) "Regensburg RMX", music: Markus Guentner, 3:11 min.

5) "So weit wie noch nie", music: Jürgen Paape, 3:34 min.

6) "Mein Vorschlag: Friesenbad", music: Formfreak by Danmass 6:37 min. + english version "I suggest: Friesenpool".

7) "Ursula", track: Thomas Brinkmann 9:30 min.

8) "Villa E", track: "out of limbo" by Niobe 7:10 min.

+ "Making Of" including all tracks from the dvd, 22:13 min.

+ Credits, 4:32 min.