three projections under the stars of lisbon, 16th-18th of july 2004, beginnning at 10pm, address: rooftop of Mercado do Chão do Loureiro, close to Largo do Caldas and Chapitô, entrance at Costa do Castelo (Calçada do Marquês de Tancos 3) - with the support of the lisbon city hall and of the goethe institut lissabon. thank you.
you are mostly invited to spend three nights under the sky of lisbon. exciting projections, an incredible view and cool drinks are to be provided. during friday night the etienne charry videoclips & "turnaround" - a comicfilm by céline keller will be shown. on saturday you can watch films & clips by graw böckler & "swivel" by oliver husain. on sunday night marta galvão lucas shows her installation "play ritz"
etienne charry

videoclips by

etienne labroue

jan brzeczkowsk

davy drouineau

stéphane monnet

charles petit

mathieu tonetti


marco laguna

gabriel malaprade

julien bectarte

jean-luc chansay

céline keller

graw böckler

seb fau

bertrand mandico

regis roinsard

denis walgenwitz

thomas legrand

olivier babinet


A scientific desaster forces Lana into the role of a single mother. Her son leon is a boy full of contradictions - desperatly in love with his mother. Their lifes are turned upside down. And on the search of a solution for the scientific desaster even more "turnarounds" are to come - of a sexual, personal and scientific kind. To live in world gone crazy about being young means to start all over again.

Also this beautifully sketched Comicfilm carrys out a fantastic "turnaround" in it´s own style. The title-song is produced by Holger Fath Tati and starring Céline Keller, who is not only a comic-artist, but also a singer of the "Justus Köhnke Band" (Kompakt).

super 8 jahre

is a noisy journey from Cologne to Korea via Ibiza to Helsinki, from the Amazonian to the ladies room at Nizzaclub, Barcelona. This personal, improvised and documentary imagery is accelerated by Graw Boeckler. Music by Mantler, Niobe, Jürgen Paape, Thomas Brinkmann, Ulf Lohmann, Donna Regina, Markus Güntner & Danmass.

how to

Shortfilms, Music Videos & Silent Clips about "how to do" things. Starring Tujiko Noriko, Lena Böhm, Niobe, Bettina Latak and many more. Music by Tujiko Noriko, Donna Regina, Xiu Xiu & Niobe.


continuus pan over the textures of shanghai.

play ritz

video installation using surveillance camera images (silent).