synopsis "turnaround"

Comicfilm by Céline Keller (44 min.)+ Musicclip + Behind the Scenes + Crew gallery

Music: Holger Fath-Tati, edited by: Ulrike Göken, Story: Graw Böckler & Céline Keller. Clip camera: Kris Willner, starring Lene & Corinna Kramer. A "Raum für Projektion" DVD. Produced by Graw Böckler.

DVD-R, English, PAL, all Regions

A scientific desaster forces Lana into the role of a single mother. Her son leon is a boy full of contradictions - desperatly in love with his mother. Their lifes are turned upside down. And on the search of a solution for the scientific desaster even more "turnarounds" are to come - of a sexual, personal and scientific kind. To live in world gone crazy about being young means to start all over again.

Also this beautifully sketched Comicfilm carrys out a fantastic "turnaround" in it´s own style. The title-song is produced by Holger Fath Tati and starring Céline Keller, who is not only a comic-artist, but also a singer of the "Justus Köhnke Band" (Kompakt).

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