"all you need is less_Dekokino#1" is a collection of 16 animated loops crafted by French/Dutch artisan Timothee Ingen-Housz. The project experiments with decorative cinematography, pioneering a new kind of media prop for your home: the "progressive wallpaper." The collection gathered here presents non-minimal audiovisual frescoes picturing self-repeating, self-defeating, and often gladly redundant picturescapes. Those moving murals comment on whatever may bother the author´s mood, from trendy meditational habits to creative blocks, German philosophers, conspiracists, Salvador Dali, psychokilling psychedelics, anti-American pop ethics, couple therapy for ghosts, monopol kunst, and much more. The resulting video murals claim their throne in your home between bonsai and CNN breaking news. "all you need is less_Dekokino#1" celebrates the mutation of cinema into superfluous, self-satisfied furniture. Buy it!

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