1. Porteños de Verano

What project would you do if you get a 35mm movie camera and the film stock was for free? I would film... everything! "Filmamos todos" was our concept for "Porteños de Verano". The film covers an one month stay in Buenos Aires. Since we frequently exchanged German winter with Argentinian summer, our friends there started to call us "Porteños de Verano". You will meet them and a peculiar, creative lifestyle - more easy to sense than to describe.

Music: Estupendo, Video: Graw Böckler, 35 min. HD

2. Graw Böckler´s Knot

The images for "Graw Böckler´s Knot" have been shot in Tallinn and also in Warsaw and Bucharest - citys where the intercultural experiment "The Knot" took place during 2010. Fire, smoke, explosions and damages create a counterbalance to an even-minded perception of urban spaces. Special Effects suspend the distance to the battle zones of the world. But still the routines of everyday life remain untroubled.

Music: Axel Willner, Video: Graw Böckler, 26 min. HD

3. Forbidden Images

A subjective camera is filming people at social gatherings - some more private some public - in Berlin, Grabow and Oporto. The Images resemble huge group portraits brought to motion. Some people react to the camera. And the camera person reflects upon the difficulties in filming and being filmed in public space, claiming "freedom of speech for images". Sometimes people do not want to be filmed. Shouldn´t we do it anyway?

Music Selection: Wojciech Kosma, Video: Graw Böckler,40 min. HD

graw böckler: non narrative three

available on DVD-R or BR-D, PAL, all regions

published by www.raumfuerprojektion.de