"Get to know your dance music" compiles two short films about the technical conditionality of music production.

As a lesson in well done edutainment, Gabe Shalom´s "House" tracks down the different styles, production procedures and cultural habits of electronic dance music. Switching between the fast-cut videoclip aesthetic and the fact based narrative of an interview with DJ Scott Hardkiss, this videomusic documentary stands for an inspiring new genre of music related film.

"Bassline Baseline" by Nate Harrison is a video essay that investigates the invention, failure and subsequent resurrection of the mythic Roland TB-303 Bass Line music machine in the last two decades of the 20th century. The narrative seeks to invite thoughts on technological mediation within product innovation and creative expression. The dead-panned 'documentary' video attempts to explore how and why creative tools fail and how increasingly more options, parameters or intermediaries devised during a tool's research and development phase don't necessarily lead to increased expressivity or virtuosity during the tool's lifetime of actual use, unless the super-structure of its cultural context is dramtically reconsidered.

"House", directed by Gabriel Shalom, ca. 17 minutes, USA 2005. More Info:

"Bassline Baseline", directed by Nate Harrison, ca. 20 minutes, USA 2005. More Info:

"Get to know your dance music", DVD-R, NTSC or PAL, All Regions, Language: English, published by

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