Ideas for Europe - 24 Commercials for a Concept

Due to the consideration that not only products but concepts and ideas need publicity, this project is about producing "commercials for a concept". "Commercials for a Concept" are ads - but not for products. They are ads for ideas, concepts or utopian product suggestions. Artists and music video directors were invited to create clips on the theme "Ideas for Europe". The result is 24 entertaining and experimental advertising clips that offer unconventional solutions for social, personal and philosophical problems.

"Ideas for Europe - 24 Commercials for a Concept" is a project by Graw Böckler. Commissioned by the 53rd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2007. Sponsored by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany.

Clips (directed by)

1. Factor 4a (Graw Böckler)

2. The Food of others (Anna Berger)

3. Lo! What a radiation! (Robin Sander)

4. Ampelsitzen (Michel Klöfkorn)

5. Oxygen+ 1 (Brendan McNamee, Ross Smith, Paul Mumford)

6. Law of Celly (Mariola Brillowska)

7. no copyright (Graw Böckler)

8. Ad Benders (Markus Frohnhöfer & Jörg Ritter)

9. Mediacard (Ulu Braun)

10. Commercial for an idea ,that is already in your head (Johanna Domke & Tarje Eikanger Gullaksen)

11. Computer Consume (Graw Böckler)

12. trailer for espero, the world's first esperanto sitcom (La Loko)

13. Dromlin (Alexej Tchernyi)

14. Fitness Train (Yvette Klein)

15. Highway Lift (Timothée Ingen-Housz)

16. Factor 4b (Graw Böckler)

17. inter-species-footpathes (Alice Stepanek, Magentur)

18. Oxygen+ 2 (Brendan McNamee, Ross Smith, Paul Mumford)

19. Dance without Music (Graw Böckler)

20. True Colours (Graw Böckler)

21. Finger Bangin´(Ted Passon)

22. passionately vague (Oliver Husain)

23. Old people to the Army (Graw Böckler)

24. Cause of Death (Céline Keller & Paula Spagnoletti)

+ Extra: True Colours Remix (Music by Popnoname & Heiko Voss)

DVD, English or with English Subtitles, PAL , all regions.


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